Funny & Crazy + [pic]

So I'm in the front bedroom, which is where I have the pull-up / chin-up, dip, and back hyper extension racks, and I'm doing business in there, then I start walking out. My cat, Bitey, blocks my path in the hallway. I'm like "Ok, nice cat!", expecting him to meow or otherwise beg attention, but he doesn't. He just looks up at me with big green cat eyes, then he cuts one.

This wasn't some little cat butt peep. It was a long, wet, gurgling ripper. It was as loud as if it had been my own handy-work, but it wasn't.

At that point, I'm speechless. Cat isn't looking for pets, isn't acting abnormally, he just walked up to me, blocked my walking path, looked up at me with those big green eyes, then ripped out a wet sounding fart.

Holy hell, what to do! Flipped on the hall light, and looked for the expected ejecta. Nothing there. Cat walks off, like nothing happened, and at that point I realized my cat had trolled me with a nasty fart-gram.

I think this cat has been well trained...

Nasty {pic}