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Running log
I slacked off a lot in December. Especially the last two weeks, as there was a lot of traveling and a lot of partying. Nonetheless, on Thursday, I ran 3.1 miles [5k] and did it with a 9:22 average mile pace, which was a PR. Today, 4 miles, 9:33 average mile pace. Today wasn't my fastest 4 mile run, but it was maybe 5 seconds off the PR mile pace. And I totally didn't push myself on today's run. I was just out there going "whatever", and hit the Garmin at the end of the run to see what it added up to, not really caring about the pace.

One of the most memorable parts of the last two runs was a couple of walkers today. As I ran past them, one of them remarked to the other one about the craziness of runners. I took that personally, as it affirmed I'm part of that crazy tribe :-)

Running log {pic}