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Word's Largest Swimwear Parade (Sydney Australia)
Guinness World Record for Largest Swimwear Parade in the middle of the CBD in Sydney Australia !Sydney's financial district was selected as the location of the first swimwear parade to take place in the country.Organisers were hoping to beat the world record for the most people to take part in an event of this kind.Although more than 200 people turned out in their bikinis and trunks, there were not quite enough participants to take the record from current holders Las Vegas, who managed to attract 281 swimwear supporters for their parade.However, the event was still hailed as a success because it managed to raise funds for the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME).The charity works to help young indigenous Australians progress to further education and attend university through the use of mentoring programmes.Entrants to the event were charged AU$50 (ВЈ27.82), with all the money being donated to AIME.

Word's Largest Swimwear Parade (Sydney Australia) {swimwear}