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My Gifts And Accessories

Japanese lamp

Three very different accessories: one that I use everyday, one that I just began using and one that I hardly ever use anymore. I take my vintage Wayfarers anywhere I go: to the beach, to the countryside, to classes, abroad... they're pretty much the only sunglasses I wear anymore. They used to be my father's, from the 80's, but I've claimed them as mine last year.

The Guess Rainboots are new and were very much needed. I bought them via ClubeFashion for half their original price. Plus they're not the typical rainboots - they have chains on the back. You'll be seeing them a lot in future outfits!

The Ana Sousa handbag was a Christmas gift from my parents some years ago, when varnish handbags were really in vogue. It has kept its shape, and I'll give it that, but the handles are terrible, the stitching is coming out making it look a little cheap, which is completely inadmissible in an expensive bag.

Last evening, Marika and I had the most wonderful time at the opening of a Swarovski shop in NYC. I was completely wonderstruck by the design of the shop, it has the most inviting windows which we couldn't help but to photograph: The crystals hang above the Swarovski sign like the branches of a tree in a magical forest made of crystals and, as you walk in, that is exactly was the shop feels like: a glade in that magical forest.

The concept was created by the japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka, who is very well known for his stunning minimalistic and natural designs that are filled with light and beauty. For the event I wanted a simple yet elegant outfit, one that would let my Cheshire Cat necklace shine. My necklace is from the Alice in Wonderland collection, which was available in 2010. I bought it as a birthday gift to myself last year.

Modern Japanese design

The wedges I am wearing were a gift from Marika, that I mentioned last month. The pink Guess handbag (which is mother's, but I have been wearing it nonstop nevertheless) and Swarovski's blue bag add a pop of colour that was missing from the look. And the beret is so Autumn-y and cozy and a perfect match to my trench coat and Quartz nails that I could not possibly leave the house without it!

What is your accessory that you've been using forever, the one that you just fell in love with and the one you can't really see yourself using anymore?


My Gifts And Accessories {vintage}