Funny & Crazy + [Thankful]

So I don't really talk about myself much in this blog. It is mostly about funny pictures. This post is different.

Few years back, I had some serious back problems. It was very difficult for me to even walk back then. This blog got started because I'd spend a couple of hours on weekend mornings sitting in a chair, surfing, and posting funny stuff, because that was about the most I could physically do. It took several hours of warm-ups to even walk downstairs and get in my car.

Contrast now: I ran 17 miles last week! Let me clarify that: RAN! Didn't walk it. Didn't clock it over the whole week. Did 3 runs on M-W-F that added up to that. Each run was over 5 miles, which staggers me. Even being able to run again was a dream back in the beginning of this year.

Two words: Faith; Prayer.

I intend to run at least 3 * 5 next week, and take the pace down vs. last week.

I am incredibly thankful for how much I've recovered. Words fail me at this point.

Howdy! {Thankful}