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Twilight Zone?!?
I had to go to the post office today. I had something that had to go off overnight mail, thus no choice. Business is business.

I hit my local PO, and then I think I entered the Twilight Zone.

First off, they had a guy expediting out in the lobby. He grabbed people as they walked in and asked them what they needed. And he made it his mission to see that we were accommodated. WTF?!?

Next, they had 5/6 stations at the counter occupied. I've never seen more than 3, even on tax day. Surreal!

So after I walked in, the dude expediting got me sorted out, gave me the express mail envelope, and the right form to fill out, and was following up and making sure I was covered, and he kept bouncing between me and other patrons coming in, and it was amazing. Customer service at the USPS!!!

The line moved like never before. And when I was first in line, the lady behind the counter announced she was due to go on break, but said that since there was a closed window, she decided not to. Near heart attack of surprise on my side at that point.

She called me over, did the postage, slapped on the tag, and was friendly. And she said that even though she should be on break, she wasn't leaving until the other counter person came back. Then she called the person in line behind me.

All this they did, and there was zero attitude.

This, ladies and gentlemen, was new and welcome territory. They actually acted like they gave a shit. And for my part, I thanked them for the excellent customer service.


Twilight Zone?!? {WTF}