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Ice storm
Today we had a heatwave of 35 degrees. This is the first day since I think Friday that we've been above freezing. The above freezing temps lasted about 30 minutes today, and then it started snowing. Then the snow turned into sleet.

About 6:30 PM, I left to go frequent a reasonably close BBQ joint for a pound of brisket for supper. But when I got out on the roads, it was the fucking Ice Capades.

The sleet turned the roads into a mess. Now, that wouldn't normally stop me. But, I hit the first S curve out of my opulent sub-division, and when I hit the brakes the back end of my SUV started sliding around. I did a momentary WTF, got off the brakes and counter steered, then went "Oh, ice, ok." then soldiered on. About half a mile further down the road, a work truck with a trailer was jack-knifed across the road, completely blocking it.

I was betwixt and between at that point. I decided BBQ could wait until later in the week. And that I had a freezer full of other stuff I could eat, and that getting out on the open roads with all these fine folks who can't drive on ice or snow was a bad idea, so I turned back to the house.

As I drove back home, I did icy power slides through the S curve, just as a sort of protest.

I wanted BBQ for supper, damnit!

Ice storm {Weather}